VBA userform with timer loop using settimer crashing every day at 7AM

  • I have developed a VBA program which is a custom userform with some custom controls (all in VBA) that works as a timeclock for employee punchin/punchout processing. It should be running 24/7. At the center of the program is a do-loop with DoEvents to allow a timer based on the settimer API to perform some processing (dashboard updating) while the actual form is idle. The program crashes everyday just before 7AM and will not function until after 7AM. I am using Excel 2016 but prior to yesterday I was using Excel 365. Change to the stand-alone Excel 2016 thinking the Office 365 updating was possibly causing a problem. That did not fix anything. I have tried to disablingany processing that should occur when the timer activates but that did not change anything. I can find nothing in the OS (Windows 10) or Excel or my code that is specific to a specific time like that.

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