VBA Excel find consecutive values in two columns, transpose values into single row

  • I need to identify when a person in Column2 has multiple entries on the same day (Column1) - up to 6 entries per person per day. Then I condense them into 1 row on a subsequent sheet and transpose the data in Column3. The data is sorted by Date in Column1 then alphabetically in Column2.

    I have some code that I don't want to post b/c I think that I've chosen a bad strategy with a Do..Until loop while indexing the Row number. I need a different strategy. I also have ~10,000 rows, so VBA is necessary and efficiency is appreciated... our lab only has 32-bit excel :P

  • Attach a sample workbook. Make sure there is just enough data to demonstrate your need. Include a BEFORE sheet and an AFTER sheet in the workbook if needed to show the process you're trying to complete or automate. Make sure your desired results are shown, mock them up manually if necessary.

    Remember to desensitize the data.

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