Copy/create new list if value in column is partial match with criteria

  • I'm trying to use formulae only to create a new list of data from a master data set using criteria in a lookup column.
    I'm hoping for my formula to follow these steps:
    1 Take value in E3.
    2 Lookup cells in A3:A14 partially containing value in E3.
    3 When a match is found, stop, copy complete value in column A plus adjacent value in column B. Add value to H & I column (H3:I3 for first entry in example)
    4 After first entry, formula will move to next row in column H (H4)
    5 Move to next row in column A and continue lookup.
    6 Repeat step 3 & 4 everytime a match is found.

    This is pretty much the jist of it. I'm new to formulae in excel so any help would be appreciated.
    vlookup is great but couldn't combine with other function to do step 4

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