Need formula to Separating number from cell value

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  • Hi there,

    I need help to separate number from cell for example - below is my one cell contains

    e Number: 1111111.1 Member Na

    I want only number that is - 1111111.1 in another cell.

    Will you please help me. Thanks and Regards,

  • Will the number always be 9 characters? Will the location of the number always be in the same location? Perhaps a list of several examples of what your cells look like if they are not all representative of the example you have shown. The solution is in the details of what you have. Help us to help you by giving a full example of your issue.

  • Hi Alan and Decio,

    Thank you so much for your help. I believe Alan, its almost same but will try to run all previous data to check is it going to be same as I am taking all data from .txt file and importing into excel. @ Decio your forumla is working but i dont need currency symbol or comma as this is kind of account# not as amount. so do you know how i can just make it as 1111111.1 instead of $11,111,111.00. Thanks and Regards

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