• Can anybody write VBA for this?

    [If D10 is greater than 90] or [If E10 equals 2.6 or is greater than 11.99] then fill A10 red
    If A10 is filled red and matches any other values in Column A, fill those red too.
    Repeat for every row after 10

  • I have the following code which does something slightly similar but with different criteria and different "then". With enough trial and error I might be able to figure out how to get it transferred into what I need, but I'm guessing some expert here could probably do it in a couple minutes?

  • This should get you started.

  • Ah yes...

  • I can't see anything in that code that would need changing for Excel 2019.

    I can't understand why you would want to use VBA instead of Conditional Formatting which would be much more efficient.

  • Nm I figured out the problem, something in the new data import from txt was messing up the VBA, I changed it to the legacy import and now the vba works.

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