From Excel sheet to VBA Form to Excel sheet - HELP!

  • Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum so sorry if I post anything incorrectly!

    Also very new to VBA...

    So I have created a VBA form with 3 parts to it.

    First part is to perform a search on an excel sheet - two requirements are added from a dropdown menu on the VBA form which should act as a filter to search on the excel spread sheets. So I have Criteria A (which are initials that can be found on the spread sheet also), then I have Criteria B which is the status which can also be found on the excel sheet. Then I have an Assign button and Save button and a Next button.

    Example: Name: AA // Status: Pending > click search button. >> This should pull through the information on the spread sheet that meets those requirements.

    Any ideas how the coding would like for this? Some pointers how to start?

    Second part is to pull through information from the spread sheet to the Listboxes - this would be searched on the specific excel columns and bring back to the form for visual aid.
    >> So once the allocation has been done following the criteria above, it would pull through information found on the excel sheet and on the allocated cells. This would be locked for editing on the form.

    Third part is blank Listboxes that will be filled with the needed information on the VBA form and then on the click of a button (save button), it would send that information back to the Excel sheet to populate the correct cells.
    >> So Name: AA with Status: Pending, pulled through the information they needed from the cells to the form. AA then has to write their comments on the empty Listboxed and then click on the save button to send it back to selected excel cells.

    Does this make sense all?

    Please help!!!



  • Hi,

    The best possible explanation on How to create an Excel UserForm ... is ... in my opinion ... Debra's ... :wink:

    See her excellent demonstration :

    Hope this will help

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