Copy Rows to different worksheets from master worksheet

  • Have master sheet with columns a - h
    Column C has drop down where we select from list.
    I can get code to move whole row to a tab that has same name as that selected in drop down.
    When we change selection on drop down, the row still appears on old tab.
    if we select "in" we can move it to tab in
    if this is changed to out, the row does not move.

    also every time we run macro it duplicated entries already on tab.

    this is probably do to my in experience
    can anyone make a suggestion ???

  • In order to do what you want, each row has to have a unique identifier such as an ID number or unique name, etc. Can you post a copy of your file and explain in detail what you want to do using a few examples form your data and referring to specific cells , rows, columns and sheets.

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