VBA Code to send email to multiple recipients

  • I have written some code to email an excel spreadsheet to a single recipient. However I need to be able to email the attachment to multiple recipients listed in a different file to that which I am sending. This is the code that I have written

    The code falls over at the EmailTo = line, probably because I'm not referring to the file with the email list. I don't know the code to do this.

  • The code works for me, I originally had a Subscript out of range" because I forgot to name the sheet when I tested your code.

    Like you say, the requires the correct location of the list. Assuming the workbook is opened,

    EmailTo = Join(Application.Transpose(Workbooks("TestRemoveLater.xlsm").Worksheets("Email").Range("A1:A4").Value), ";")

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