Searching ListBox as i type in TextBox

  • Hi

    I need some help with the code below, it searches the contents of the listbox as I type in the textbox and work fine. However if I miss type and use backspace nothing happens.

    Can some one help me out so backspace works in the search?

    Many thanks in Advance


  • Hello AndyW and welcome to the forum,
    You can just type into the combobox or

  • Hi Pike,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The typing in the ListBox doesn't work as it has 10 columns of data, which are all searchable from TextBox1 this all works fine and as I type it filters the ListBox results.

    But if I hit backspace it clears the text in the TextBox but doesn't update the ListBox and I have to reset the form.

    I really need a code where the backspace will continue updating the results in the ListBox.

    Many Thanks


  • Hi Pike

    The list is populated like this:

    Thanks in advance


  • Hello,

  • this will be closer to the mark

  • Hi Pike,

    The search now works perfectly thank you.

    But I am now getting a run time error 70 permission denied on the line in red below when I select an item in listbox1

    Do you have any ideas?


  • Hello,
    or remove the listbox_change

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