Comparing cells value with time format

  • Hello,

    my macro is opening all the xls files from a folder and then formating them in order to keep only row which entries (access to a room) is after 22h (NihgtLimit) or before 07h (MorningLimit)
    its currently working but we would like to put the morninglimit and nightlimit as a cell value on a sheet called : Param (in activeworkbook).
    nightlimit in cell B2
    morninglimit in cell B3

    Currently the limit are in the code and it would be helpful to be able to change these values within the param sheet instead of the Code.
    the code above is called in my master code but this is the part in which we are tagging the row that appears to be "suspicious"
    morning limit is : TimeValue("07:00:00")
    night limit is : TimeValue("22:00:00")

    here my code :

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