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  • whenever i run macro on cell like F13 it copy the date of F13 to cell BC1 and then copy value of cell C4 and paste it in adjacent cell of F13 i.e G13. But what i want it paste value special in adjacent cell so that when i run the macro on another date like cell F14 then calue of cell G13 did not get change and one more thing is there a way that macro automatically run on aeach cell i.e. from F5 to F30 and keeps on pasting value in the adjacent cell so that i do not have to run macro again and again on every cell i,e F5 to F30.

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    Sub Macro1()
    ActiveCell.Copy Range("B1:C1")
    Range("C4").Copy ActiveCell.Offset(, 1)
    End Sub
  • F13 to BC1
    C4 to G13 (= F13.Offset(, 1)
    F14 should be copied to G14?
    F5 to where? You say adjacent cell so that would be G5.
    F6 to G6?
    F7 to G7?
    To the end of column F?

    No pictures please. Attach a workbook with a before and after instead.

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