To match a column with original names

  • [SIZE=12px]Hi I have two columns. A column has employee names which has a data validation. But even with data validation employees are entering either only first name or sometimes first name with initials. B column has names which are original full names .I need a formula/macro to replace the names in A column automatically. Please help[/SIZE]

  • What kind of data validation are you using? If users are still entering invalid data, it seems that perhaps the data validation could be set up differently to be more effective.

    What is the difference between the two columns? You mention that column B is "original full names". Like maiden names? Is column A nicknames?

  • Hi thanks for the reply! Yes this is the eg. Column A (Harsh G,Sudhin G, P Raghs) In Column B ( Sri Harsha Gururaj, Sudhin Gururaj, Puru Raghs) like this..

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