Excel AutoFilter Doesn't Work

  • Hi Magdoulin,

    Because your list range of filter is not right. You can check the list range by clicking "Advanced" button(the right of "filter" button).
    Make sure choose the list range that you want to filter before clicking "filter" button for later other wise the excel will choose automatically and sometime it choose wrongly.

    Hope I can help.

  • For the old school people the filter range starts at A2, A3 is empty , so the filter ends at row 2 regardless of the other columns data.

    If you type a space in A3 the filter will extend to A7 (Service)

    One solution is to ensure the first filtered column is populated to the number of rows required ,
    or manually select the whole range when applying the filter, or use the "Advanced" button(the right of "filter" button).

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