.xlsm file taking too long to open

  • I have an excel .xlsm file which is being used as an accounting software. The issue is that it takes too long to open. ie. The green splash screen is displayed for a long time.. Also please advise how to replace excel green rectangle splash screen with a. Custom userform

  • Have you considered saving it as an .xlsb? This would remove the XML functionality but if you're not communicating with online applications then it's probably fine to drop it. This usually roughly halves the size of the sheet.

    Another thing to consider (I work in assurance and we see this a lot with applications people have designed in the past) is whether the tool is saving the data to the actual application itself.

    What happens in these instances is that as the tool grows older the amount of data in it grows and it makes it unwieldy (i.e. taking ages to open).

    I've mitigated this with some of our applications in house by using the application for processing but outputting the results to a separate .csv or .xlsb.

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