Concatenate with Hyperlink Function

  • Hi guys,

    Can anyone tells why the first formula worked whereas the second one didn't?

    The First Formula:
    =HYPERLINK("[C:\Magdoulin\Reports\Category Summary\2018\August.xlsx]One","Category Summary Egypt")

    The Second Formula:
    =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("""","[C:\Magdoulin\Reports\Category Summary\2018\August.xlsx]One",""""),"Category Summary Egypt")

    Basically the concatenated text will be modified to include cells values later, but I need to pass this pre-test first

    What's wrong here? Can anyone tell?

  • You're adding extra quotes around the file name which would make it an invalid path...

    if you use formula evaluate to see the steps you will see that the hyperlink ends up being...""[C:\Magdoulin\Reports\Category Summary\2018\August.xlsx]One""

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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