Formula - based on various cells (not so easy)

  • Dears good evening
    I come to ask for help, for a formula that I need to elaborate.
    Enclosed, ou will find an example of the datas that I have in my archive, where I need to calculate the quantity of days between two days.

    Always consider the date in column D less the date in column E, but only if number is the same in column J.

    Considering Number CRSU9217122
    Row 1, because E is blank, nothing will appear, we will leave it blank.
    Row 3, we need to consider D5 - E3 (because is the same number in column J)
    Row 5, we need to consider D7 - E5

    In this example we have only two different numbers in column J, but it can happen that I will have 3, 4 up to 10 different numbers.
    In resume, what I need is to find a way to calculate the quantity of days between two dates, if number in column J is the same

    Maybe I will need to use VBA, I am a bit confused.
    Hope someone will be able to help me.

    In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to leave a message.
    In advance Thank you !

  • Dear KjBox,

    Thanks for your answer but unfortunately, I would say that it is only part of the answer that I am looking for.
    Because I also need to get the count for the other number in Column J.

    Thinking also, That the excel file uploaded is only a little part of the complete file.
    I will have a lot of different number in column J and for all these numbers I do need to calculate.

    I tought to do the same that you offer me but unfortunately it is not enough, for the reasons above.

    Maybe I will have to use VBA for this formula...I don't know ??!!

    Hope you will try to help me agin.
    In advance regards

  • Attach he sample file with he desired results entered manually. The way you desrcibe your requirements would mean that the number in column J is not relevant.

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