Struggling with 1st userform/bookmarks

  • Hi,

    Sure you've heard this many time before - I'm struggling with my first userform.

    I've created the form, no problem, its a very simple textbox only form (no options/drop-downs etc) with the hope of populating the bookmarks in a word template with the enties in the userform. However after a couple of days findling around, trying to find tutorials that can explain to me what to do (so many start off fine but then throw in terms/code that I have no idea what it means and there is no explaination.

    Anyway, what I've done so far is as follows

    Private Sub Cancel_Click()
    ActiveDocument.Close SaveChanges:=False

    End Sub

    Private Sub UserForm_Click()
    End Sub

    Private Sub Submit_Click()

    With ActiveDocument
    .Bookmarks("AccountDate").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtAccountDate.Value
    .Bookmarks("Ref").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtRef.Value
    .Bookmarks("PatientAddress").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtPatientAddress.Value
    .Bookmarks("Patientdob").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtPatientdob.Value
    .Bookmarks("PatientID").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtPatientID.Value
    .Bookmarks("PatientMedicareNo").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtPatientMedicareNo.Value
    .Bookmarks("PatientName").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtPatientName.Value
    .Bookmarks("ItemNo1").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtItemNo1.Value
    .Bookmarks("Description1").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtDescription1.Value
    .Bookmarks("NoofPat1").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtNoofPat1.Value
    .Bookmarks("Date1").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtDate1.Value
    .Bookmarks("Charge1").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtCharge1.Value
    .Bookmarks("NoAcc").Range.Text = AccountForm.txtNoAcc.Value
    End With

    Unload Me

    End Sub

    Now when I click submit in the form when firing up the template nothing happens. The form just sits there and I have to force it to close.

    I have come accross this code but I've no idea where I would put it and how I would get it to run/try it after clicking on submit.

    Private Sub FillBD(strBMName As String, strValue As String)
    Dim orng As Range
    With ActiveDocument
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    On Error GoTo lbl_Exit
    Set orng = .Bookmarks(strBMName).Range
    orng.Text = strValue
    orng.Bookmarks.Add strBMName
    End With
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
    Set orng = Nothing
    Exit Sub

    Can anybody help me please?


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