Copying conditionally, from one file to another.

  • Hello,

    I would need a little help.
    I have to copy some of the numbers in the "Data" sheet, column A of the source.xlsx file. Here are usually between 500 to 12000 number
    From here, only the numbers starting with 25 must be copied, in the "Import" sheet, column A, of the file Final.xlsm
    If is not to complicate need to sort the number copied.
    In each file the data starts with A2 because in A1 is the header


  • Thanks for the answer, but I do not see how it could help me, that link.. I know that site.
    I do not have access to the source file - it is "read only" - I would have wanted a code to do the processing - in memory - and then write it directly to the file where I run the code.
    It seems difficult if nobody could answer.

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