Very Complex Appointment System

  • Hi guys,

    I am looking for a way to automate an appointment system that has a very complex and variable decision tree...

    Everyday, I get a list of the companies that will be visiting the next day and the number of visits each of them will be making. There are 7 or 8 different companies.

    I can assign as many as 5 appointments per hour, they go until 3pm, but if that is not enough, a few extra hours can be added. At 7 am only 4 appointments can be assigned.

    Companies can get more than 1 appointment in an hour.

    Morning hours are prefered over afternoon hours.

    There is some kind of priority level to follow, but the ones ranked 2-3-4 should all get some morning appointments, although not distributed equally.

    Company A (ranked #1) should get all the 7am appointments and if it still need more, it must get them assigned at 10am.

    There is a chance that some of the lower ranked companies visits are deemed urgent and so there must be a way to make some, not all, of their visits get morning appointments.

    In this example I inlcuded just 34 companies, but during high season we get more than 80 and we work on extended hours, so making it as automated as possible is essencial.

    I know it must probably sound like a mess, but maybe somebody wants to tackle on a challenge like this. All ideas welcomed!!



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