Advanced lookup : Multiple criteria when looking up values in a table

  • Hi,

    I am trying to find a way to get a lookup so that i can take 2 criteria and lookup against the table in "look up" tab. I have attached a sample excel to illustrate what i am trying to solve.

    I have also put in what the correct answer should be (did it manually) to help.

    Hoping someone smarter than me can figure it out because i can't seem to get the amount component to work properly.

  • tRY:

    =INDEX('Lookup Table'!$B$3:$L$10,MATCH(B3,'Lookup Table'!$A$3:$A$10,0),MATCH(C3,'Lookup Table'!$B$1:$L$1))

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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