VBA code to find highest no. in column to assign a serial no.

  • Hi,
    I need some help please.
    I have a macro recorded in a worksheet. It performs following actions,

    • Unprotect Worksheet.
    • Insert a row (Row No. 11)
    • Unhide row 8 & 9.
    • Copy row 8.
    • Paste row 8 in No. 11 (incl. conditional formatting, data lists, etc)
    • Add a serial no. to a11 by adding 1 in a12.
    • Hides row 8& 9.
    • Protect sheet.

    On item 6, I would like VBA to find highest no. in column A (A11 onwards) and then add a serial no. onto it.

    Code is pasted below,

    Apologies if it is a duplicate request.
    Any help in above will be appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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