Hide / Unhide Rows based on Value

  • Hi All,

    Need your help in achieving following please.

    I am trying to work out is to hide the rows based on their value in Column M – Values are Completed – Late and Completed -On Time.
    Unhide these rows on demand – will add a button on sheet.

    Apologies if it has been requested before but I could not find any specific reference. Any help in above will be appreciated.

  • I would turn the range into a table and then show the users how to use the dropdown filter on the column header.

    Hi Jonathan,

    The data is in table format, it is an action list where I want to hide the actions which have been marked as closed. I can upload a blank version if it helps?

    Any help please?


  • A table in Excel has column filters by default. If you don't see those (they are dropdown arrows to the right of each header cell), then select any cell in your data and choose Format as Table from the Home ribbon. If a user then opens the filter on your "actions" column, they can simply uncheck Closed on the list and that will hide those rows.

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