Formula: You can buy either ladies, mens or youth AND you must buy a polo and jacket

  • Top Section (with polo and jacket only):
    1. Customer MUST purchase 1 polo AND 1 jacket (total is $100, no individual prices...error should be shown if only 1 item is picked)
    2. Customer MUST purchase mens OR ladies OR youth (if a mens polo is chosen, all ladies and youth items for polo and jacket cannot be picked)

    I need a formula for all this and I need to know where to put it. Or feel free to send a revised spreadsheet back!

  • Put something like this in the Total Price cell:

    =IF((L5+S5+AA5<>1)+(L7+S7+AA7<>1),"You must order one polo and one jacket",IF((L5<>L7)+(S5<>S7)+(AA5<>AA7),"Mixed types not allowed",(L5+L7+S5+S7+AA5+AA7)*C5))

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