Userform combobox is duplicating entries

  • Hi,
    I hope I can get some help or guidance from someone here. I've uploaded a simplified sheet which I hope is easy to understand. I import the data and trim and format it using other code, the layout is not important to me as it is because the sheet will be hidden. I have noticed I'll need to unhide when using the userform though.

    I am trying to create a userform using comboboxes to allow me to enter horse racing data to another sheet. I want to select a Track which in turn will populate the race times combobox for the selected track which in turn will populate the Names (horse names) combobox. I've managed to create the userform and it works to a point but somehow the Names combox gets populated twice resulting in a dropdown of duplicates. One other issue is the time format is wrong in the dropdown but shows the correct format in the combox once selected. Also is it possible for the Track combobox to be empty when userform is loaded until I make a selection and is there a way to disable any manual entries?

    Any other advice or different methods on using multiple dependent comboboxes would be welcome


  • Thank you so much for your help. I knew it was just a tweak here and there but couldn't get my head around it at all!!
    As for the duplicates, when you look on the dropdown for the names they should match the contents of column AF which they do but somehow duplicate them in the dropdown.
    Somehow that seems cured now with the reshuffle of code which is great. If you want to know what I meant take a look again at the original file. I'll have a look at your code and see where I went wrong and try to see if that's affected the duplication. Thanks again

  • rabsofty's help has solved this problem for me but now I need some advice on how to solve loading a combobox from a multiple sheets and some information as to why there are multiple 'criteria' and 'extract' named ranges in the name manager. I guess I need to start a new thread or would I continue here as it's the same project?

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