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  • Hi OZGRID Fam,
    I've tried to create a multiple logic conditional formatting formula without any luck from what I've searched online. Below are the rules I've tried to incorporate:

    Rule Summary: (Dates up to today's date (Red), dates after today to end of month (Orange), dates in the next month (Blue), No highlights for all other dates

    Conditional Formatting Formula Assistance: Example, Today's date is 8/30/2018
    Highlight all rows Red if column E contains a date in the past, up to today's date.
    Highlights all rows Orange for all dates After todays date, up to the end of the current month.
    Highlight all rows Blue for all dates in column E that fall in the next month
    Do not highlight any rows after the Next Month.

    Column A B C D E F

    1/15/17 Red
    3/18/18 Red
    8/29/18 Red
    8/30/18 Red (today's Date)
    8/31/18 Orange (After today's date but within the same month up to end of month
    9/1/18 Blue (Next Month)
    9/30/18 Blue (Still in next month)
    10/5/18 No Highlights
    11/15/2020 No Highlights

    I really appreciate any input!
    Thank you so much !!!!


  • We don't see a sample.

    Try these conditional format formulas, assuming you've selected from rows 2 down...

    Red: =AND($E2<>"",$E2<TODAY())

    Orange: =AND($E2>=TODAY(),$E2<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),0))

    Blue: =AND($E2>EOMONTH(TODAY(),0),$E2<=EOMONTH(TODAY(),1))

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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