Excel VBA setting the startfolder using the UDF GetFolder()

  • Hi guys,
    The code I copied a long time ago from the OzGrid site but I still haven't been able to figure out how to set the folder to start in using the UDF

    I pass the parameter (which is valid) as strPath (with and without the final backslash) and it always starts in a previously selected folder.
    Even if the value for InitialFileName is filled or not

    the value in strPath can either be a UNC share or a local folder.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction?

    I cannot use ChDir because it will not work, especially if it points to a network share (UNC path)

    Hope somebody has an idea.
    Thanks :)

    "IT" Always crosses your path :)

  • That is a function but I would not call it a UDF.

    Compile code before a Run shows that FolderExists() is not a native method.

    It works as expected for me.

  • Thanks Kenneth,
    Well strictly it'snot a UDF but, what's in a name :)
    I found the reason, why my code did not work as expected, I was under the assumption I was passing the correct parameter (a file path) but it was a filepath and name and this caused the IfFolderExists() to return false and thus not the path.
    The thing is I've used this GetFolder() for ages but thought it had something to do with the UNC paths.
    Well, it was more of a user's mistake and it takes a pair of extra eyes to make me look at it better.
    Thanks for looking into it, and yes, it's solved.

    Can't seem to find the MARK SOLVED option or button :(

    "IT" Always crosses your path :)

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