2 different answers on regression and now unsure why

  • I have some data to analyse and I am having trouble with the attached sheet.

    There are 3 columns, SPDIFF, %VDU and SEA STATE. SPDIFF is the dependent variable and the other 2 are the independents

    On the sheet, I done multiple regression using data in the CEDECKOFFS and got results shown in the CEDECKOFF1 tab. When I came back to it a few weeks later I done it again but got the results in CEDECKOFF2. They were done on 2 different PCs if that matters?

    I cannot figure out why thee are different and now I am unsure which one is the correct one.

    I'm trying to see if there is a relationship between 'SPDIFF' and '%VDU' usage, and was advised to include the 'SEASTATE' and use multiple regression.

    Any info appreciated

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