Print multipage document from loop

  • I have some code to print from a loop and this works fine apart from it's making a new document from each loop. What I want is to be able to print all pages to a single document. Here is the code I have

    I'm printing to a pdf creator btw so that I can check for errors before printing to paper

  • The better option might be to:
    1. Create new workbookbook.
    2. Copy each sheet after [A1] changed after last sheet in new workbook.
    3. Delete sheet1 in new workbook.
    4. Select All Sheets.
    5. Export ActiveSheet (which now prints all) to a pdf file.
    6. Close and save or delete new workbook.
    7. Open multipage pdf file.

    Of course with pdfcreator, you could merge all pdf files had you exported each sheet to a pdf file. It seems tedious to use pdfcreator as the printer for each sheet though. The 7 steps is how I would do it. That way, you skip the need for a 3rd party application other than to Open the pdf(s).

  • Thanks. From all my google searches it seems unlikely that there's an obvious solution. I was hoping not to have to create multiple sheets or pages. I'm wondering if it's something maybe better suited to C# or something.

  • see if this helps

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