Perform a calculation based on criteria found using Index Match

  • I am using this formula for now:

    =IF(INDEX('Supplier Data'!C:C,MATCH('Supplier Eval'!A3,'Supplier Data'!A:A,0))<1000000,"zero allowed","1 per M")

    If the index match result is "zero allowed" I need to Index the value in 'Supplier Data'!D:D with same match arguments and if the returned value is >zero the formula should return -1 if <zero return +1
    If the index match result is "1 per M" I need the formula to Index 'Supplier Data'!D:D again with same match arguments and if that value is >1 per million (the index match value will be an number/integer) return a value of -1, if <1 per million return +1.
    If you can figure this out you are awesome!

    Thank you,

  • I was able to replace the arguments "zero allowed" and "1 per M" with IF functions to complete the formula. If anybody is interested in seeing it let me know.

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