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  • Hello all,


    I am a beginner in excel vBA. I have 3 headers in my file with lots of similar contents (Words) under column. I have allowed user to mention the filter criteria for each header (upto 5 criteria) in a separate sheet . I would like to have a excel vBA code for this.


    columns A B C;

    Column A has Red yellow blue green Orange pink purple - the user chooses to have Pink and Purple and leaves the other critera cells blank.

    Column B: has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - User chooses 5 only and leaves the other criteria cells blank.

    Column C: User does not choose anything and leave all the 5 cells blanks.

    Macro needs to check this criteria filled and implement the filter automatically to my data.

    Pls support with excel vBA codes for this.

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    The ideal would be to attach a sample workbook ... with your next message ...:smile:

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