Paste data to next available column

  • Hi All, I need help with following:
    I have three workbook. Workbook-1 Master Data File (Picture below)). Workbook-2 dataFORM-1 and Workbook-3 dataFORM-2.
    Data FORM 1 and 2 send data to Master Data File using following code. When FORM-1 send data to Master Data file its occupied cell A2 to AD2, when data from FORM-2 arrived its insert one row down that is in AE3 instead of AE2, I wants data to be inserted next available column which is AE2. How to achieve that within below code . Also I want to close Master Data File automatically when Data FORM is closed.
    Thanks Shaun

    Following code using in Data FORM-2 also same code use in Data FORM-1.

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