Autofill Dates between 2 static dates

  • Hi All,

    Can anyone please advise how to fill dates between 2 static dates using the latter date as a max date.


    A1: 10/03/18
    B1: 10/03/19

    A10 = 10/03/18, C10 = 11/03/18, E10 = 12/03/18, G10 = 01/03/19, I10 = 02/03/19, K10 = 03/03/19, M10 = 04/03/18
    O10 = 05/03/19, Q10 = 06/03/19, S10 = 07/03/19, U10 = 08/03/19, W10 = 09/03/18, Y10 = 10/03/19

    I also need this be be flexible...

    If the date in B1: is for example 10/03/20 then I need the cells to continue the patter and repeat 7 across (with a 1 column interval) by (n) rows down as above.

    Any help please


  • Hello,

    Can you upload a sample file with your desired results?

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  • Hi and thank you for the repsonse.

    I should have closed this as I found a differet approach to a solution.

    Sorry if I have wasted any of your time.

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