Copy row if text in column, replace row with same row in another sheet

  • Copy row if text in column, replace row with same row in another sheet

    Hello guys. I have been working on a problem for a while, and can not find out how to solve it.
    I have 2 Sheets, "Sheet1" and "Sheet2"
    Data contains alot of text, around 750k of cells to be specific and it is linked to a listbox where i can edit data, add comments etc.
    Data in sheet1 is ranged by ID Column, it can search for the ID in the listbox and will write comments to the correct Row based on listbox so this part works flawlessly.

    My problem is that sometimes we need to update the Data sheet to a new one without ID column, and since new data might change from the old one, old ID will not match correctly with the sheet2,
    So we want to copy all the "Comments" from the old Data, and find the tag in the "Data New" Sheet2 and paste them to the correct tag, without using ID, maybe more like search and paste function.

    I have tried to find a method that searched tag1 in the Data sheet1, searches for it in "Data new sheet2" and paste the whole row in there, but didnt work either, i have also tried to copy text from comment section of sheet1, seach tagname on the same row, find it in sheet2 and paste only the comment with offset function, but that was not easy either.

    NB: Just to be clear, Sheet1 and sheet2 contains almost the same Data.
    Sheet2 dont have the ID and Comments, but might have few more rows with extra data or changed data from sheet1

    I want it to search for column that contains text (B:B) copy that text and search for the Tag1 in the "Data New" sheet find that tag there and paste it there.

    I think maybe easiest way will be to find all the rows with comment, search tag in that row in new list and replace the whole row. OR

    Copy all rows that has text in B:B (or Not empty will also work maybe) and put it somehow to new sheet replacing the same data there
    Sorry if this is complicated to explain...

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