Textbox data update with header

  • Hi,
    I have a userform where there are 10 textboxes are there for data entry and 2 option buttons which name for ex. A & B. When i will open the user form it will add 2 new sheets as per today’s date with adding option button names. For ex. If today date is 05-10-2018 it will create two sheets- 05-Oct-2018-A & 05-Oct-2018-B. Secondary every time all 10 textboxes data is not required. If i will filled 3 textboxes then the same data will update in the particular sheet as per option button selection. And i want to mention headers also of those 3 text boxes to be repeated every time. For Ex.
    ColumnA ColumnB
    LAP Form 10
    MF 25
    PMS 30

    Column A is the headers of the textboxes and value of textbox to be mentioned in column B. This will update one after one textbox value as mentioned above. Please help.

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