Copy-paste-values from a formula results in an apostrophe

  • Hi all,

    I have some Excel data which is the source for an MS Access database.

    The fields in Excel are populated by a formula which, under certain conditions returns a null ("").

    If I copy-paste these null results as values only, the answer is not a blank cell as I would expect (and Access requires), but rather it contains the hidden leading apostrophe that Excel uses to prefix text entries. (If you cannot see the apostrophe, it can be turned on (made visible) via Excel>Options>Advanced>TransitionNavigationKeys). Even when it is not visible, it is still always present and MS Access does not like it.

    Any suggestions on how to copy-paste-values the results of a formula so that there is no leading apostrophe for null-results? i.e. so that the final result is a blank (empty) cell.


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