Copy/paste columns into another sheet if headers and date matches

  • Hello guys, I hope you are doing great. I have two sheets lets say "Source" and "Destination" both sheets are structured the same way but the "Source" sheet get new columns with new headers every months.

    Source: Header1 Header2 Header3 and New Header....
    Destination: Header1 Header2 Header3....

    What I need to do is to copy daily data into the respective date row and according to the headers. I will also attached file to make it easy to understand.

    It would be great if the code would end with a pop up message giving the total number of "updated" and "new" columns, or copy the new columns at the end of the sheet "Destination" in front of the respective dates.

    Any help would be appreciated to run this as efficiently as possible.

    Many thanks.

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