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    I would like to set up a worldwide clock in an excel workbook. Basically, I'd like to have continuously updating clocks for different time zones. I know I could use the now() function and adjust for the time zones BUT i need the file to work in any time zone - i.e. if somebody opens the file in Europe it needs to reflect the real GMT time. Is there any way to link the GMT time for example from a website to Excel?

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  • Just thinking "out Loud", you may be able to use a web query to grab the GMT time.

    Do you have a specific web site you are wanting to get the time from?

  • What you could do is get the user to specify what time zone he is in, and then adjust the rest of the value accordingly.

    The time zone the user will specify will be your comparison points.

    This is just a suggestion.

  • Thanks for the input, i want the process to be transparent to the user so I don't want to ask them for their time zone. I think JF you're right, using a web query is the way to go, i just need to make a few computations afterwards. Will post a solution when I have it. Is there any copyright issue when you grab info through a query on the net?

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  • Re: GMT Clock in Excel

    I found this post years later with a similar issue. I wanted to find the time zone difference

    here's what I did...
    found the current time at
    go to
    click on disable java animation (?necessary?)
    click on UTC (universal time like GMT but maybe not the exact same),
    copy the webaddress (control+c) so you can use that in excel.

    In excel,(I'm using 2007 on my pc)
    select Data on the main menu.
    Select "from Web"
    go to the address bar that opens up and paste your address in from before
    click on the little arrow near "right now, the official..." (note the mistake if It says us time - it's not -it's utc!)
    this will import that square of text into your spreadsheet
    when you click on the little yellow arrow, it will go green with a tick, then click on import
    select the cell - why not a1?
    Now the a2 will have time and a3 will have the date

    and to find the current time and date in your own time zone use the command =now()
    and now you'll need to parse the date/time and compare the two time/dates and presto!
    You can find how many hours plus or minus from utc.

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