automating a table to feed into a chart

  • Hi all, hope you're doing well.I changed this to be posted here as I realised it may be some formula that can be integrated with the table

    I'm working on some final touches for a sheet I'm creating and having some trouble with a table. I can't seem to find answers anywhere.

    Basically I have a table (BE3:BK11) that is a rolling return of data entered in columns (M,P,S,V,Y,AB,AE). The data in the table will then feed into a chart with each column of the table having its own line. I understand that I can hit enter in the table and it will auto expand down and create a new table row.

    However, all the data in the table will be automated with formulas so I don't want to be touching or looking at it. I want to have it so that as I enter new data, for example, I enter data into cell M12, then the table automatically creates a new row to accommodate the new data, and auto fill down the formula from the previous bottom of the table at BE11 to the new bottom at BE12

    I'm not so much interested in the table at all, but rather it's a necessary (I believe) step to creating the chart that can update with the correct data as it's entered

    On a side note: some cells that have a few precedents / dependencies lag for a few seconds when filled (such as column M), is there any way to make it more efficient and load faster?

    Thanks in advance everyone

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