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  • Hello Guys

    I need your help urgently. i am very new to VBA so please forgive me if i ask any noob question. I have written a small VBA code as below. I am getting error Run-time '1004': Method Range of object worksheet fail on the row If ws.Range("B") = "Fail" Then. Please check what i have done wrong in the code and how can i get the desired result

    What i am trying to achieve with the code is

    I have multiple excel sheets in one workbook. let says sheet1, sheet2 and so on... I also have one sheet "SNAGS"

    I have three columns in each sheets except SNAGS Sheet(Description, Result and Notes)

    so for each description user can either put pass or fail in result column. What i want to do is in the whole workbook if any cell has a value "Fail", the corresponding value of description cell should be copied in a sheet "SNAGS.

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