scatter plot (with smooth line) with sorted x-axis values

  • Good morning,

    I'm trying to get a scatter plot with years on x axis starting with a disordered series.
    I'm wondering if there is a way to force my data to be ordered in a scatter plot with smooth line even if my data are not sorted by years.
    Actually my starting data are sorted for other factors and i cannot sort them by years without changing everything.

    Years values
    1.29 200
    2.45 314
    3.12 398
    2.87 351
    5.12 502
    7.09 687
    8.33 729
    6.34 591
    9.11 828

    if I plot my data in this way i get a line that goes back and forth while if I plot my data with data sorted by years I get a smooth upward-sloping line.
    A VBA solution (without moving my data) is welcome!

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