VBA Code to Select Picture Based on Cell Value on Mac

  • I have a file that uses VBA to look up information on a data point. I can type in a search value, click the button and it brings up my information. I also have a dynamic picture based on a cell value letter code pulled in from the VBA. This is done with a defined name and using the indirect() function. There is a vlookup that also puts a full description to that letter code. Everything works, but the picture will not change just by clicking my button. I have even added worksheet.calculate to my VBA. The vlookup changes, but in order to get the picture to change I have to click the "Calculate Now" button or double click on a cell and hit enter.

    I have automatic calculations turned on. I posted last night for some help and on a PC someone had no issues getting it to change the picture. That leads me to believe it is a Mac related issue. Unfortunately my client is also using a Mac so I'm looking for a workaround. Can anyone help me with the code to add to my VBA in order to get the pictures to change dynamically based on the cell value pulled from the VBA? I have attached a sample of the workbook. Since the file will be transferred around the pictures are kept in a "Pictures" tab within the file. I'm hoping adding it to the code will fix the issue since I haven't been able to find another workaround, but I'm a bit of a newbie and am not sure where to start. Thanks for the help!

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