Run time error 5 on some computers

  • Hi experts,

    I made the following VBA code to color some objects and add a screentip.
    It works fine on my computer and some computers of my colleagues, but it does not work with some other computers. In those cases, it would return Run time error 5 Invalid procedure call/argument.

    Are there anything wrong in the code below which would cause this kind of problems problems?

    Sub Color()
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To Range("pntMax")

    Range("pntOrder").Value = i
    'fills in shape
    ActiveSheet.Shapes(Range("pntShape").Value).Fill.ForeColor.RGB = _
    'adds screen tip
    ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add ActiveSheet.Shapes(Range("pntShape").Value), "", "G20", ScreenTip:=Range("pntTextValue").Value

    Next i
    End Sub

    On Debug, this line adding the screentip is highlighted
    ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add ActiveSheet.Shapes(Range("pntShape").Value), "", "G20", ScreenTip:=Range("pntTextValue").Value

  • I have some additional information.
    This code is apparently not working for Excel 2010 (Windows), but works on my Excel 2016.
    However, I need to make it work with Excel 2010, and I would appreciate if anyone have any pointers to fix this.

  • Please try this:

    dim ST as string


    if ST="" then ST=""

    ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add ActiveSheet.Shapes(Range("pntShape").Value), "", "G20", ScreenTip:=ST

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