Copy across rows but miss columns

  • Hi All,

    I would appreciate some help on the following please.

    Sheet1 - Data1 is in Cell E11, then Data2 is in K11, then Data 3 is in Q11 etc

    I want to be able to show the data on sheet2 but in sequential coumns by dragging cell B3 across tthe columns

    i.e Data 1 in Cell B3, Data2 in Cell C3, Data3 in Cell D3 etc.

    I have played around with index and columns to create a formula to copy this accross but cannot accomplish it.

    If anyone can put light on this, can you please exaplin what the steps are in the index and columns forula (if you go this way)


  • Here is a VBA solution

  • Hi All,

    Sorry to be a pain, but this is not my intent.

    This is not just about copying the data, it needs to be dynamic hence as records on sheet 1 change. I need to use a formula such as offset(columns, index(columns etc but dont know how to achaieve this.


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