Help vba code to copy ranges if conditions are met

  • Hi everyone in this forum. i've recently joined but i've already found many solutions to my excel problems here.
    In brief, i'm here because i need a serious help for a work excel (I'm attaching an example)

    As you see from excel (i eliminate some data and formula for privacy of info), i've the column C where i've the product produced in one month.
    And next there are other columns with the days of the month. so this file extend horizontally with the days of a month and vertically with the different machines (100.101.102...) where these products are produced.
    And for each month i copy the same lines in the bottom so at the end of year i'll have in that page all months,machines and products.

    What i want to do is, week by week, copy these things if a condition is met: the condition is that the cell that contains the forecast in hour of the daily production is >0.
    So for example for thursay 01/11/2018, we check cell G6 and if it's >0, the condition is true.
    when the condition is true, we want to copy (week by week) in another excel file the following info:

    • Description, SAP code, WC
    • the cell next to PCS (ex. G7)
    • The day

    I want to recreate a sort of same file but without empty lines, with only the days of the week that i'm interested and the cells with information of PCS only.

    i hope i've been clear enough. thanks for your help

    Milo [ATTACH]n1211986[/ATTACH]

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