VBA script for arriving at current exams

  • Hello all,

    I kind of have a complex report to be built and I am thinking of using a VBA script to arrive at the report. So here is the snap shot of report and it is basically an exam schedule for a day. My team handles (team members name in column ‘O') these exams. Here is what I am trying to achieve:-

    1. Trying to figure out the number of concurrent exams running at a given hour. We have exams running round the clock (24 hour setup) and I need to be able figure how many exams are being handled at a given hour. For example – So basically if I look at the number of current exams running at 08:00 AM it is 2 exams, at 09:00 AM it is 4 & at 10:00 AM it is 6 exams. We manually figure this out by looking at the exam start & end time respectively and assuming that all the exams start & end as per the scheduled time.
    2. I am also looking at a similar report as above by the associate who is handling the exams.

    I have uploaded a sample file of the exam schedule. Hope this helps.

    Unconditional apologies for doing so. I am having strict deadline to get this done and hence I looked for multiple source. Sorry for being unprofessional. I also posted a similar query in different forum. Please find the URL - https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/…html?posted=1#post5181977

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  • Thanks Carim...I was looking to calculate the concurrent exams running at a given hour not the count of exams in running at a given hour. If I look at the number of current exams running at 08:00 AM it is 2 exams, at 09:00 AM it is 4 & at 10:00 AM it is 6 exams. I get this number looking at the start and end time of the exam.

    I am sorry about the typo in the subject line.

  • Hello,

    Why don't you take advantage of your own sample ...

    to design the output you are aiming for ... even if you are building it manually ...

    and attach your test file for review ...

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