How to do data validation on dependent lists with references from another sheet?

  • Hi all,

    I have yet another question regarding dependent lists. I have currently made a dependent list formula in data validation, where it restricts what users can choose from (eg: Only allow user to choose American countries from American region).

    I am using this data validation formula:


    This formula however, only works if the references i made from (eg title cell: $A$28) are from the same sheet.
    I would like to use this formula in another sheet of the same workbook (with reference to another worksheet like this: Settings!$A$28), but i am not sure how.

    Is there anyone that could help me with this issue? Thanks :)

  • Hi all,

    Sorry already got this solved haha :)

    If anyone wants to know what I did to solve it, I just made a "list" for the cell i want to reference from another sheet, hence bypassing data validation's "no other sheet reference" rule.

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Hi,

    For all future readers ... thanks for sharing your solution ...:smile:

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