Values from Other Excel Files

  • Hi Experts,

    I have 3 Excel Files. I require a macro where a value can be extracted from the other files and populated in another file.

    For E.g.

    Previous Day - Column A has Values from 1 to 10
    Current Day - Column A has value from 1 to 25 & Column B has Value Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful etc...and the cell might also be blank in Column B.

    Macro should first compare values in previous day & Current Day files in Column A, than it should count the records that are greater then 10 (in 1st file) it would be 15. Then the 15 value should be split as per value in Column B. For E,g, Any Cell with a text & blanks.

    Values should be populated in the Summary File

    For e.g.

    Total records greater than 10 is 15
    Total Records with Text Value is 8
    Total records blank is 7

    Please provide macro for the above with comments, so that If I need to make any small changes I can.

    Your help would be really appreciated


  • This forum is intended for help with a specific bit of code that somebody is unable to do despite efforts.

    If you want a complete code designed to meet your requirements then I suggest you try posting in the Hire Help forum.

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