Production Countdown Timer- Pull information from sheet one onto sheet two

  • I am very unfamiliar with coding and VBA in general. so i was hoping to have some help. A company i worked at before had something similar and i feel it would help at my new company.

    I am trying to create a running spreadsheet where sheet one contains columns: Part#, part name, qty, date entered into spreadsheet, product due date, date completed, HIT/ LATE

    I want need to create a VBA code where sheet two pulls all the information from sheet one when there is no entry in date completed and creates a countdown timer in a cell between time entered and due date. I also need it to disappear from sheet two when a time completed is entered in sheet one. I would also like like to have the cell turn red when there are 8 hours or less until due time as this timer is going to be projected for production to see.

    How do I write such a code. I have been watching youtube videos, but now I'm just more confused!

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