Sending data to a closed file at a given location

  • Hi experts. Need some help related to vba

    I have a Master sheet with records (A to T) and column A having throughout
    a uniqui ID. In sheet2 in column A have few of the selected only ID numbers
    from the Master sheet.

    I will run a userform in sheet2 and select any one file name in the combobox1.
    This files available in D:\Branches\ . All files have a sheet named ReceivedList.
    The files can be in xlsx or xlsm format. But the actual File name will be exactly same.

    When I run the command button on the userform it copies the matching records of
    the ID numbers from Master sheet and paste special in ReceivedList sheet from
    row 3 onwards of the selected file in combobox. If it does not find the name then it
    gives a message File Not Found.

    Every time the code is run, it will add the reocrd below the last record.
    To know when the record was added I want Date in column V , ahead of every row.
    Most of my records will be till column T. Leaving a one column gap all the records will
    have date in V.

    A code to copy the record and put the date (dd/mm/yyyy) ahead.


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