Save.As multiple template using pre-defined structure for each unique value in data

  • Hi all,

    I am looking for VBA help where I have a pre-designed structured excel template with 5 tabs. One of the tab is "Data" tab which contains details for 10 sections (section names are in column A of Data tab). Rest all the tabs are interlinked with "Data" tab and other tabs by way of formulas, Pivots and charts. I want to build a code which will create/replicate this template with individual section data.

    Key thing to note:

    1. Code need to use same template so as to maintain the integrity (format, protection, charts, etc.) and interlinked formulas in all tabs (so may need to use function)
    2. Master Template need to be retained
    3. Each section template should only have data for that section only

    Any lead will be highly appreciated.

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